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Pastor Chuck, Raquel, John, Peter

Chuck Love is the founder and director-president of Explore Jesus, Inc.,
and serves as the Lead Pastor at Beechland Baptist Church, Louisville, KY.

Message from Chuck:

As a college student in 1987, I took a short-term …

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This is my amazingly talented brother, Celsinho. When my mother was pregnant with him many people wanted her to abort him because she already had four girls and was too 

poor to maintain such a large family . My mother, as a new believer, got on her knees and prayed: "Jesus, I gi…

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Pastor Valdecir & Nadir

Please pray for our friend and fellow servant of Christ, Pastor Valdecir Siqueira. His dear wife, Nadir, was killed the other day in a terrible car accident. She was a very loving and kind woman who was a blessing to everyone who met her. Pastor Valdecir and Nadir have been serving the Lord fait…

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Tex & Carolyn Floyd

I can't overstate how much respect and gratitude I have for Tex & Carolyn Floyd. 

Every Christian is under spiritual attack -- and that's doubly true for every pastor.  Ever pastor needs a mentor and encourager whose counsel they cherish because they know it's based in love and wisdom. 

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