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... so that the world may believe - John 17:21

i pour LIFE

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations … Mat 28:19

Christians shouldn't be focused on comfort for themselves and their family.  Jesus commanded us to make disciples of other people, including people very different than ourselves.

Jesus gave us the example by pouring  His life into a diverse group of disciples. He lived with them, ate with them, and taught them for 3 years.  Then He sent them out to do the same by making a new generation of disciples. Those new disciples kept repeating the process all the way down to YOU. Now it's your turn.

To make a disciple you start by telling a lost person the Good News about Jesus. When they believe, they are born again and will start growing in their new life as you teach them, by words and actions, everything that Jesus taught you.

The word translated "nations" is "ethnos" from which we get our word "ethnicity". Jesus commanded you to live with, eat with, and pour your life into people from every ethnicity.  Jesus, the King of Kings, sacrificed Himself for you: will you humble yourself and do the same for others?

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Yeah my man Chuck go for it!!! Man of God.....LOVE...Agape....filadelfia..May He bless you dearly as you do His will as pure as possible!!! We are lookiing to working with refugess, Haitian, Nigerians, Syrians and many more....also drug folks..the artist crowd!!!!
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