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... so that the world may believe - John 17:21

Where is Jesus?!?

When they couldn't find Him, they went back to Jerusalem to search for Him there. Luke 2:45

Even when Jesus was a little boy, He knew everything, so why didn't He stick closer to His parents instead of going alone to teach in the Temple?  Jerusalem was a big city, and of course His parents were worried and upset.  It took them 3 days to find Him!  That was a big inconvenience to Joseph and Mary.

Sometimes a big inconvenience to you is really a part of God's plan. Jesus had work to do as a boy, and today He still is working.  Jesus' parents couldn't keep Him on leash, and neither can you!

You may ask Jesus, "Why???"  -- And His answer may be: "Don't you know that I have to do My Father's work."

 2015 Chuck Love

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