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... so that the world may believe - John 17:21

How Jesus used the Bible

If you read the Bible with an honest, humble heart, one truth should become glaringly evident to you —you are a sinner. You have fallen short of perfectly obeying God’s word.

The Bible is a teacher to show us that we are sinners and need the Savior. Studying the Bible should bring you to Jesus to ask Him for the mercy and forgiveness that He died on the cross to give you.

The Pharisees (the religious leaders of Jesus’ day) thought they were righteous enough and didn’t need forgiveness from their sins.  That’s why in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus pushed them to see that they too are sinners.

Jesus preached, “You’ve heard it is a sin to murder someone, but I say if you even call someone a hateful name, then you deserve hell.” (Mat 5:21-22)

Jesus preached, “You’ve heard it is a sin to commit adultery, but I say if you even think an impure thought, then you’ve committed adultery in your heart.” (Mat 5:27-28)

Religious people have a hard time to see past their self-righteousness and realize they need forgiveness in Jesus. IF YOU READ THE BIBLE without seeing yourself as a hopeless sinner who needs Jesus, then you are reading it like the Pharisees did.

LOOK WHAT JESUS SAID NEXT:   “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mat 5:48)

Jesus commanded us to be as perfect as God. All of us who look at this honestly can only fall to our knees and cry out to Jesus for mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

The Good News is that Jesus loves us and won't turn away anyone who comes to Him!

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