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Getting off the Turnstile

FEB 11, 2014. There are turnstiles inside the buses here in Brazil to separate the people just getting on the bus from those that have already paid the fare. After I paid and went through the turnstile, I sat down and then noticed something unusual. There was an ant standing right on top of the turnstile.

There are ants everywhere but this little guy was an ant with a problem. He ran down one arm of the turnstile stopped and looked over the edge. Then he ran back to the center and down another arm and looked over the edge. He couldn't find a way down. I don't know how he got up there, but he was stuck. People were constantly going through the turnstile without noticing him and spinning him around; I was sure someone was going to smush him. But no, he just kept running up and down those arms looking over the edges.

I could have tried to help that little ant but he would have been afraid of me. I could have told him what to do but he wouldn't understand. What if I could become an ant and tell him how to get off to safety in ant language?!?

That's like us and God. He came down to us and became a Man -- the incarnation. But on the other hand, it's nothing like us and God, because there is an infinitely BIGGER difference between God and man than there is between me and that ant. Yet God was willing to die for you and me. That speaks volumes about our value. The Creator values you.

If I could have told the little guy something, I would have told him to jump. It looks like a long way down but it won't hurt his little ant body that much -- and it's only a matter of time until he gets smashed if he keeps running around the arms of that turnstile. Sometimes the only way to go forward is to get off the turnstile. Time is running out, and there are people that will smash you.

Don't worry … when I got off the bus, he was still going strong. I'll check on him tomorrow.

©2014 Chuck Love


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